Retro Rewind: McDonaldland

Everything is tasty in McDonaldland... or at the very least its mildly complacent. Nonetheless, Ronald McDonald has left behind a lot of forgotten friends on his journey to become the mega-munching mogul he is today. For years, the fast food franchiser has relied on a bevy of beastial buds to promote his cheaply made toys and fattening food to children young and old. But over time it seems that some of the more "creative" creatures have been phased out in favor of a realistic world view, leaving characters such as the pom-pom inspired Gobblins aka Fry Guys (), Mayor McCheese, Captain Crook, Grimace, and even Mac Tonight (actually the only character not depicted as being part of McDonaldland) in limbo.

There was a time when these clever advertising mascots, most of them developed in the early 1970s by Needham Harper & Steers, helped convey the fantastical adventure that McDonaldland had to offer. Predating the current Burger King campaign by CP+B, Ronald McDonald and his pals provided an innovative concept that was perfect for a star-gazing, special effects generation of boys and girls.

As someone who actually grew up with this cast of HR PuffnStuff hand-me-downs, its nice to think back on a time when you could talk to your food and eat it and though I know nothing ever truly dies in advertising, there's always been one thing that's bothered me. Just what the hell is Grimace anyway?

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