Splatterhouse: Behind the Blood Featurette

Bet you thought the Splatterhouse brew-ha-ha was over, eh? Despite critical reviews by some of the internet's largest gaming sites (go suck an egg IGN and Kotaku), my passion for splattering is far from extinguished. Luckily, Namco Bandai is more than willing to feed my need with two new videos they released this past Friday featuring a behind the scenes look at both the art and history of Splatterhouse.

You might recognize Dave Wilkins (Art Director) who was kind enough to stop by and lay some knowledge of the game on us way back in July (click here to see that interview). Dan Tovar has also been a driving force behind the new game as Producer. It's a shame what happened to this stellar team of creators (if you haven't heard, Namco sent 90 employees packing recently including the entire Splatterhouse dev team), and there's absolutely no reason for it to be garnering such bad reviews. On the bright side, reader reviews on many of these same sites seem almost entirely positive.

The bottom line: Splatterhouse is a game made for fans, by fans. If you like your horror by way of Hatchet, Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead 2 or even From Dusk Til Dawn then this is a game for you.


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