About Strange Kids Club

Founder: Rondal Scott III
Launched: August 2009

Strange Kids Club is a horror infused blog of pop culture retro geekdom hosted by graphic designer and copywriter Rondal Scott III – a daily dose of adolescent enthusiasm for B-movie monsters, movie trailers, classic wrestling match-ups, comics, exclusive interviews and unbelievably cool toys.

The concept of Strange Kid (the puppet mascot) himself emerges from an eclectic mix of Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Howdy Doody and The Muppets and seeks to invoke that uninhibited inner child within each of us (young and old) that stills enjoys watching an episode of Family Matters on Fridays or breaking out a tasty box of Count Chocula on Saturday morning. There are currently plans for him to become a larger presence on the blog, including the development of a bi-weekly, variety webshow hosted by Strange Kid.


Jon and Nicole Guerra
Twitter | DeviantArt

Jon is the creator of Nightmare Pro Wrestling (NPW) and loves comics, Halloween, and eating crawfish. Nicole co-writes NPW, collects maps, and loves all things delicously absurd. They currently live in Austin, TX and enjoy spotting cats lounging on windowsills. They also write and illustrate Nightmare Night Creatures, a weekly column here at the clubhouse based on the original NPW comic series that follows a group of four monster-sized fans and their adventures in the crazy, NPW universe. Strips appear every Wednesday at noon.

Drazen Kozjan
Facebook | The Happy Undertaker | Hypnotik Eye

Drazen Kozjan, a Croatian-born artist, spends his day illustrating several children's books and other fun stuff while simultaneously toiling away on his own project, The Happy Undertaker, under the cloak of darkness. He appreciates the good things in life such as comics, rock 'n' roll, horror movies and a good pen nib from his home in Toronto where he resides with his wife Alison and Igor the cat.

The Happy Undertaker has also appeared in Carousel Magazine, a Canadian-based literary & arts magazine that focuses on Canadian talent within an international context.

The dARk HOurs Horror Podcast | PennyCult

The dark and mysterious Grey is the creator and co-host of the Dark Hours Horror Podcast. The Dark Hours is an exploration of cult cinema from yesterday and today. Each episode is packed with sound clips, horror movie music and contributions from listeners. Segments include The Dark Cut, Dark Detour, Kill the 80s, Girls of Horror and more. Co-hosts include, but are not limited to the Cutter, Spooky Bill and Dead Derrick. The Dark Hours releases every two weeks.

Grey’s Top 5 Films (in order from 1-5): The Thing, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Aliens, Gremlins 2

Jose Cruz
From Beyond Depraved

Jose Cruz is just a simple guy who enjoys the simple things in life... like vampires, werewolves, zombies, blood, horror, and Halloween. Oh, and gorilla henchmen. When he's not enjoying these things he writes about them over at his blog, From Beyond Depraved.

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