Are 'The Walking Dead' Selling Out?

I'm probably going to be lambasted for saying this, but does anyone else feel as though AMC is milking its latest hit series a little too hard? Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed every episode of the series thus far and thought the finale was fantastic, but when was the last time you EVER saw a commercial for a Season 1 pre-sale for show before its finale has concluded?! That's an ad for a product that won't be released until March 8, 2011. March 8, 2011!

I'm sure you've heard by now that the show will make its return for another season, amidst a writer shakeup that sent the internet a buzz last week or so ago.We know the show is a hit with viewers (both horror fans and mainstream audiences), but is it really that necessary to pimp it out quite so hard. Sure, maybe its simply because of the holiday season, but if the Blu-Ray/DVD doesn't even come out until March how great of a gift is a pre-order- really?

What say you, are The Walking Dead selling out?


  1. Ghoul Friday said...:

    I too was surprised by the ad for the first season on DVD so early. I suppose they just think they need to capitalize on it while the goings good. Kinda tacky but it IS a business and I can see the logic behind it.And you know there are people out there who immediately put their order in. I wasn't one of them ;)

  1. There's a difference between "selling-out" and making money! As long as they continue to produce a high standard of show that stays true to the original vision, then they can advertise and profit from it as much as they want as far as I'm concerned.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    It seems like this season was a test season, with only 6 episodes and Darabont firing all of the writers. I feel like a lab rat for tv executives, but hey, if some one puts out a quality product, I'm buying...that doesn't include the pre-order on season 1 though. :)

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I suppose you're right @GhoulFriday & @JoeSpinebuster, it is a business and what's a business without its bottom line, right? I guess there was just a "lab rat" moment of clarity at the end there.

    I still enjoyed the show, though, and I'm definitely looking forward to the next season. I would make such a poor salesman, haha.

  1. It's cool, I understand your concern! A show like The Walking Dead has been a long time coming for fans of horror and good storytelling in general like us, and all too often a good thing will be ruined by greed. We kind of get to LOOK FOR and EXPECT selling-out nowadays, because it's so prevalent, but hopefully Walking Dead can make the money it deserves to make without sacrificing too much of its integrity.

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