Changing Direction

A lot has happened since our last update, as can be seen from the new look of the blog and our temporary static website. There has been a lot of reflection (and some revelation) on just exactly what the purpose of ghostlab.DS is and where its going and how it plans on getting there.

As you may or may not know this blog was initially conceived as a side project of ghostlab.DS to satisfy the horror-fanatic in us, but slowly evolved into a forum for other outlets of creativity and commentary. Now we wish to continue this evolution to form a creative space in which others can learn and contribute ideas on design, advertising, marketing and art-related acheivement.

This means that the blog will serve as ground zero for all of ghostlab.DS newest discoveries and announcements. In addition we'll be posting a series of "How to..." articles geared towards small businesses that will guide users through the various aspects of design and marketing. So hang in there baby, I think we're finally going to get it right.


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