Lonesome Jones and Amadeus


Well, it took all weekend, but I just completed the main two character designs for Lonesome After Midnight: Lonesome Jones and Amadeus.

Lonesome Jones (main character) is the name of the grave digger who is searching for the perfect companion in the only place he's ever really known... the cemetary. Its essentially where he's grown up. His father was a grave digger as was his father's father and so since birth its been his whole world.

Amadeus is a pesky bird of prey (crow/raven) who seems to keep watch over Lonesome, more often than not taunting him and causing all kinds of mischeif. His role seems much like that of Poe's Raven poem, only slightly less drepressing. He is also the only "2D" character, appearing in profile with one large eye like a heirogylphic letterfom.

Though the two seem to share an unspoken bond during the course of their misadventures, neither seem to acknowledge the underlying friendship they've developed.


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