Creative Spotlight: Furry Puppet Studio

It would seem that in recent days I have become somewhat enamored in the world of puppetry. What the catalyst for this fascination is and where it originated are utterly beyond me, so as not to spoil a good thing I bring you the creative minds at Furry Puppet Studio.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Furry Puppet Studio (heralded by Zack Buchman and Maria Gurevich) spare no detail in their wide array of character creations or in sharing the methodology by which each are brought to life. Their newly launched website offers the viewer both a fantastical view behind their process and a broad view of puppeteered personalities such as the Blue Viking (see insert), Laquisha, and Blue Furry Thing (minds out of the gutter folks, you know who you are). In fact, the stylization of their puppets is so genuine that it reminds me very much of Eureeka's Castle for which I owe a many well-entertained afternoons.

Perhaps the most unique service the studio provides, called a Mini-Me, can be found on their blog. The most uniquely personal gift you can give, a Mini-Me is essentially a miniaturized puppet/figurine designed in your (or the recipient's) likeness that ranges from wildly cartoonish caricature to highly realistic portraitures. A definite bookmark for any serious puppet enthusiast.


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