Forget the mole, Whack-a-Zombie

As Halloween looms ever so closer, it often seems as though more and more retailers are stocking up on the horror-themed tricks and/or treats and so it seems like an appropriate enough time to begin eeking out the Halloweenie-commercial goodness here at the Strange Kids Club. Case in point, my daughter and I went out this weekend to start looking for costumes and props for our annual festivities when I snagged this miniature diddy in (of all places) Books-a-Million. Total impulse buy, I know.

Packaged in a square box no bigger than 2" x 2", the Whack-A-Zombie set (published by Running Press) comes packaged with a 32-page book and aforementioned inflatable zombie. The zombie itself stands around 4" tall when fully inflated and actually works the way its meant to. It only takes seconds to inflate and allows for the instant dispensation of undead retaliation. For those who fear the uprising of dear, old dead Uncle Willie this is a must have training device.

The book, though small, is written by Sarah O' Brien and comes packed with all sorts of neat tidbits about the undead including a brief history, rundown of popular zombie movies & books as well as tips on how to dress, walk and act like one of the rotting flesh bags. Its humorous and well designed with gorgeous illustrations provided by Michael Weldon. For those unfamiliar with Weldon's work its similar in style to Sealab 2021 or Frisky Dingo and well worth a look.


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