Creative Spotlight: Fright Rags

If you're a fan of Halloween, the horror genre, or your wardrobe just screams fashionably postmortem then Fright Rags is an essential browser bookmark for you. Featuring a hefty collection of top of the line horror-themed t-shirts, Fright Rags bringing out its best stuff for October as part of Trick or Treat Spooktacular. As if it wasn't enough to find a kick-ass horror shirt that feels comfortable while you're watching a full day Tales from the Crypt marathon, this year they've teamed up with Sour Puss Clothing, Paracinema, VHSPS.COM, House of Mysterious Secrets, Amoktime Toys and more to provide customers with a beastly bevy of extraordinarily grim goodies.

Renowned for their superior customer service, speedy shipping and insanely detailed shirt designs, Fright Rags already excels at providing fans with a top of the line product. Now, with their Spooktacular event, customers have the opportunity to receive additional discounts and special prizes (DVDs, celebrity autographs, magazines). Even before this special offer, founder Ben Scrivens makes sure to package each shipment with magnets, stickers and old trading cards. When I ordered my Night of the Creeps t-shirt (see insert) from them a little over a week ago I was the lucky recipient of a Creepshow sticker and a [Nozone] Toxic Crusader trading card. Its little details such as these that make Ben and the Fright Rags crew stand severed head over toe tag above the rest.

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