(Re)Animations: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Perhaps one of the most underrated movie monsters, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has always stood out to me as a clever hybrid of both the Frankenstein and Wolfman mythologies and though there have been a few adaptations here and there of the R. Louis Stevenson classic, none have really stood out as exceptional examples of the man vs monster struggle.

Enter this secluded scream from the vault of Burbank Films Australia. Not much information is available on the web for this animated feature and though the full animation is available piecemeal on YouTube, the embed function seems to have been disabled. Don't let this one fool you either, the retro stylization of this film seems geared towards small children, the dark subject matter is better suited to teens or adults. In the vein of The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, its not quite as whimsical but easily one of the more faithful adaptations.

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