Head Games: Night Slashers X

Night Slashers X, a modified version (emulation) of the original Data East Games title is bloody arcade brawling at its best. Jam packed full of monsters, demons, zombies and mutants the game provides a satisfactory gore quotient for any die hard horror fan. Though the original title has been criticized for its lame soundtrack, the music of Night Slashers X is far superb than even most major Hollywood films and sets the right mood for fight and fright.

Looking past the abbreviated plot (some vague apocalyptic plague that has overrun the Earth with "monsters, mutants, and the walking dead"), you can play as one of three main characters each with their own skill including a chick with a machine gun, a cyborg and some martial arts expert. In addition to a new soundtrack, there are several additional small touches that the emulators put into the new game such as changing the generic "Go!" arrow that appears when an area is clear to "to Hell." Again, its a minor touch, but one that helps better develop the gaming experience.

Overall this a a great game full of Tarman clones, Fat zombie bastards, Frankenstein clones, Dracula clones, and masked mutants all waiting for their soggy butts to be handed to them. So what're waiting for... let the bodies hit the floor.

PC users can download the game here.

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