Creative Spotlight: Furry Puppet Studio

In this Creative Spotlight, we take a look back on one of my previous favorites: Furry Puppet Studio and their most recent work in collaboration with Lightbourne for phone service provider, Cincinnati Bell.

Directed by Ron Hamad of Lightbourne, the :30 spot entitled Holiday Critter Cafe features the animatronic puppetry of the Furry Puppet team. Perhaps even better than the commercial itself, though, is the entertaining behind-the-scenes short that FPS has offered on their blog (also shown above) complete with concept art and interviews with the production team.

As always, the character design is top notch and its great to see the craft behind how this puppet works. These guys definitely remind me of Jim Henson and his studio when they were getting started and as a fan I can appreciate their "open-door" policy on showing us how they are able to do some of the many fantastic things they've achieved. Thanks goes out to FPS Creative Director, Zach Buchman for sharing this with me.

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