A Flintstone Christmas

A true testament that you're never too young or old to enjoy either Christmas or cartoons, A Flintstone Christmas (1977) is one of those rare experiences in which everyone can revel in the holiday spirit. Although most Christmas cartoon specials that are produced today are targeted at younger audience members (8-12 age range), A Flintstone Christmas provides the same sense of childhood entertainment alongside a nostalgia-factor for older viewers and, just like a fine carton of eggnog, its aged fairly well.

Preceding Tim Allen's escapade as 'ole Saint Nick in The Santa Clause, the plot for A Flintstone Christmas follows Fred and Barney as they take fill in the Jolly One when Santa sprains his ankle delivering gifts at Fred's house. Meanwhile, Fred must deal with his Scrooge-esque boss, Mr. Slade, who is expecting Fred to perform at his Christmas party. Chuckle-inducing antics ensue and the rest, they say, is prehistory. Yabba-dabba-do.


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