Vince Collin's Malice in Wonderland

NOTE: This video is Not Safe for Work. It contains visual depictions of nudity.

There, now that the obligatory warning sign has been flashed its time to watch some innovative cartooning. For those of you who can appreciate the sinewy, self-deprecating humor of shows like Augenblick's Superjail! or Antonucci's Brothers Grunt, Vince Collin's short Malice in Wonderland (1982) is right up your alley.

Clocking in at a little over 4 minutes, Malice in Wonderland explores a darker side of the tale than Disney's classic interpretation. Chock full of animated shapes, colors and sounds that merge in and out of one another like a giant worm, Malice and Wonderland is clearly meant as a sexual metaphor. Exactly what kind eludes me, but there's no doubting Collins' creative intent is targeted at the Robert Crumb crowd of cartoonists.

There's a few more examples of Collins' work available on his YouTube account and they're all equally psychedelic. I encourage you to watch them all and thanks goes out to Lost At E Minor for bringing this little gem to my attention. The strangeness continues to evolve.

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