Creative Spotlight: Mr. Gauky

Courtesy of Behance Network's seemingly limitless collective of awe-inspiring artists I was able to find this talented illustrator from Yorkshire, Mr. Gauky.

As the legend goes, Mr. Gauky learned his craft from "a tribe of very hairy creatures called Slouches," with a style that seems to celebrate the gross abnormalities of anatomy both human and animal alike. In fact, there is little distinction between the two with the exception perhaps of bipedal mobility. There is also an impeccable variety to Gauky's work that has lent itself to multiple mediums including painting, graffiti, and even 3D character models. Yes, you too can view each and every misshapen imperfection of burly sailors and overweight bipedal wounds that resemble human beings in stunning 3D glory online. Just visit Mr. Gauky's virtual menagerie of monstrosities to find out what awaits.

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