Geek Shriek: Greg Capullo Returns to Comics

In a sea of talented basterds, Greg Capullo reigns supreme. First exposed to his work on Spawn in my youth, Capullo quickly became one of my illustrative idols due to his intensely detailed linework and grimly grue depictions of death and violence in a world bleakly lit by streetlights and alleyway bonfires.

Despite an unfortunate series of personal setbacks that ended his stint on both Spawn and Creech, Capullo has continued to contribute his talent on a smaller scale with action figure concepts for McFarlance's toyline, cover layouts for Spawn, and most recently as the breakdown artist on Haunt.

However, the team behind Haunt has released a very exciting statement on comic news portal Comic Book Resources concerning Capullo's return to a full monthly series. Taking over the series from current illustrator Ryan Ottley (also responsible for the stellar Invincible series), who has decided to step down in order to focus on a single monthly series, Capullo is set to begin with Haunt issue #6 due in stores sometime this March. And I, for one, can't wait. Here's to you Mr. Capullo.

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