Victor and Boris

I wanted to take some time and spread some love for the work of a friend and fellow illustrator, Elliot McHugh. I met Elliot while attending Columbus State University in Georgia and we've remained good friends ever since, collaborating whenever the occasion may occur. Aside from being an avid artist, talented musician and full time dad, Elliot also shares my predilection for horror movies (the good and the bad).

In his latest artistic venture, Elliot has begun to development on a series of quirky, fun comic strips entitled Victor and Boris, based around two ne're-do-well slackers who generally get into trouble with powers beyond their comprehension and inadvertently also save the day. They do battle with life, living, and occasionally the walking undead. Think Monster Squad meets David Firth's Fat-Pie wrapped in the afterbirth of Matt Groening's Life in Hell.

The series, meant to reflect our friendship and love of the horror genre, also includes a boatload of characters all pulled from Elliot's everyday life. It's definitely worth a quick peek if only to see the insane amount of detail and care that goes into Elliot's work (most of it is done entirely in pen and ink). And make sure to give him some encouraging feedback so we can see more on Victor and Boris in the future.


  1. Man, I don't know what to say. I'm quite flattered here. I'm very thrilled to be collaborating with you and I cannot WAIT to finally have some of these panels uploaded soon. Just gotta find the 'right' timing ya know? Thanks so much for putting a little plug out there for me. It's funny cause I actually emailed about you and told them they were definitely missing out on one of the best blogs out there right now. Hopefully I'll hear back from them or they'll put your site on their links section. I love the comparisons of my work to firth, groening and of course The Monster Squad. LOVE it man. I also love that design so much I decided to put it up on my page as the header if that's cool with you? Hit you up tomorrow my friend! Can't wait for Wolfman!

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