Head Games: Fngrz of Fury

Prepare yourself for a fingering fun time... uh, you know what I mean (perverts), as they'll be plenty busy with this text-based game from Orange called Fngrz of Fury!

With a similar premise to Typing of the Dead, Fngrz of Fury differentiates itself with a more Street Fighter style of gameplay, a deathmatch that pits you against a rogues gallery of outlandish combatants including a cow, a dragon and a gigantic hamster (see insert). The point of the game is for you to type whatever offbeat or confusing sentence the game displays onscreen, the faster (and more accurate) you type the more butt you essentially kick.

Overall, its a fun game for those that enjoy typing (looking at you, desk jockeys) or those just learning the Ways of the 124 Fisted Keyboard jutsu. Oh yes, there will be bloody fingers.

Click here to play the game.


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