Head Games: Keep Her Awake

In preparation of the launch for their reboot of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Sony Pictures has released an interactive online game to satiate viewers' more sadistic appetites.

A rather creepy spin on Adult Swim's often addictively juvenile games such as Five Minutes to Kill Yourself, Warner Bros.' Keep Her Awake is a live action game which tasks you with preventing the death of an otherwise helpless teenage victim by the hands Freddy Krueger. The tools at your disposal? Drugs, self-mutilation and cold showers... its a dangerous path for the studio to follow to be sure.

An interesting campaign that takes follows in the footsteps of Twix's Get the Girl campaign which allowed players to choose from two different options in a series of social-oriented scenarios in order to "win the girl." Unlike Get the Girl, however, Keep Her Awake targets an already impressionable demographic with an arsenal of taboo tools in which to make it out alive.

UPDATE: It would seem that the site is no longer active, as it currently links back to the official Nightmare on Elm Street site. However, I have yet to hear any official statement on the status of the game.


  1. What a bummer that we couldn't play this game. Five minutes to kill yourself became quite addicting, but freaky. I started hallucinating things and had to stop. Phew.
    Anyways, shoot me a holler this weekend man. I'd love to chat with ya. I'll call you sometime when my minutes are free. I have a show this Saturday. It will be the first Ghosts of Birds show and I'm quite excited. Wish you could make it man. Talk to ya soon!

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