James Gunn's Humanzee!

"Sounds like a total f*cking abomination... but also really cool."

It's true that at some point or another all guys have done something incredibly stupid to get laid, but... have you ever impregnated a chimpanzee to impress the girl of your dreams only to have the hideous offspring go wild and kill her so you have to bury her dead body in your backyard? James Gunn has.

Premiering way back in 2008 as part of Microsoft and Safran Digital Group's first foray into original content for the Xbox Live entitled Horror Directors Do Comedy, Humanzee! was director James Gunn's entry to the series that centered around a human-chimpanzee hybrid that looked a little like Sloth from The Goonies. Think of it as a sea monkey meets Frankenstein's monster.

In fact, there are numerous homages to horror film history including scenes that reference The Elephant Man, Frankenstein and The Crate (Creepshow) to name a few. There's also a very dry, tongue-in-cheek humor at play here that Gunn executes very nicely. Having just come off of SLiTHER two years prior, Humanzee! made me remember why I had enjoyed that film so much.

Now, if only we could get James Gunn and Adam Green to do a horror/comedy anthology together everything would be right with the world.


  1. Ha ha! Great post! Love that image. James Gunn and Adam Green most DEFINITELY need to work together. My goodness that would be incredible!

    By the way, check this awesome site out. Thought you'd really enjoy! Hope all is well Mr. Creeps!


  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Foul-mouthed and hilarious indeed.

    Nice site BTW, I keep tabs on it from time to time in addition to its brother and sister sites:

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