Monster Merchandise: Tarman

I'd like to take a minute and refer your eyes to the video clip above. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Ok, good, wasn't that freaking amazing? As one of the genre's best known "zombie frontmen" (there's also Bub the Zombie and Big Daddy from Romero's Day of the Dead and Land of the Dead respectively), the Tarman continues to endure as a fan favorite of fright fans everywhere. Much of the credit goes to fantasy artist/painter William Stout (Masters of the Universe, Return of the Living Dead) for his work behind the scenes which gave Tarman his distinctively gorgeous grue.

And although he only made one other cameo in the ROTLD 2 (albeit in a modified form), it would seem that Tarman is gone but not forgotten as shock troops at Fright-Rags has just released the newest addition to their Artist Series illustrated by none other than William Stout himself (see insert). To increase the cool factor of this scary swag, Fright Rags is also offering a limited number of signed poster artwork as well. Check them out online to snag your poster or t-shirt and save $10 when you bundle your order.


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