New Kit Kat Flavor: Bloody Finger

Who would have thought that bloody orangutan fingers would make for such an appetizing midday snack? Not me, that's for sure.

A mock Kit Kat ad released by Greenpeace, the video above features a typical cubicle dweller eagerly look forward to his "break." Everything seems normal enough, that is until he unwraps his tasty snack to reveal a blood-filled monkey finger and takes a crunchy bite. Eww.

While I try to stay away from religion, politics and activism I must admit that this ad is pretty effective in visually evoking my animal rights/deforestation bones (located underneath the Death Penalty bone, next to the Everything but Clowns are Funny bone). Give it a look and see if you can't say the same. For those who want to take a further interest in this campaign or why Greenpeace is so mad at Nestlé, check out the official Nestlé Killer microsite.

Via AdFreak.


  1. Can't watch it just yet but it sounds interesting. I'm sure Susie would love it since she's Ms. Vegan and stuff. I'll have to share thi with her when I get home.
    Thanks for posting!

  1. You've GOT to check out this game. It's called DON'T LOOK BACK and is totally retro-licious. Look out Atari!

  1. Also, check out Kindertrauma's insanely long St. Patty's Day entry. It's freakin mind boggling man!

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