Trailer Terrors: Evil Toons (1992)

First they undress you. Then they possess you!

A strange brew of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and William Castle's House on Haunted Hill, Evil Toons (1992) is a unique breed of film whose mix of horror and comedy teeters on the edge of juvenile indecency.

Starring Dick Miller (Gremlins), David Carradine and comedian Arte Johnson, the "plot" of Evil Toons follows a group of scantily clad teenage girls who are invited to stay in a haunted house in exchange for a small sum of money. At some point during the night a creepy old man (David Carradine) shows up to deliver a Necronomicon-esque sketchbook that contains a mischievously deviant drawing. The rest of the film consists of the terror toon chasing the half-naked coeds in an attempt to possess and/or violate them.

If you're into films like Student Bodies (1981), Scream Queen Hot Tub Party (1991) or Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) than Evil Toons is definitely up your alley. And if not? I say still give it a chance. Sure it won't win any Rondo awards, but with the 20th Anniversary Edition slated to drop in May with special features that include a director's commentary track, original trailer, special "Making Of" video documentary, original Nite Owl Theater segment and Evil Toons Suite by Chuck Cirino it couldn't be all that bad... could it?


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