Ugly Americans

Oh Comedy Central, you fool, how long its been since you've seduced me with your poignantly animated world views on "stuff" and "things." All the much sweeter it is to see you come around again like some long lost M&M that's survived in the couch cushions of my existence.

Taking place in New York city, a wellspring of weird and subculturally offbeat residents to begin with (I ♥ NY), Ugly Americans is comprised of every geek, freak, and hairy-eyed, one-toed monster you can think of. The series lead character is Mark Lilly, a seemingly normal enough guy who works at the Department of Integration, helping new citizens both "normal" and "abnormal" adapt to life in the Big Apple. Aside from the strange nature of his job, Mark's roommate is a zombie (who became so to get laid) and his on again/off again girlfriend/co-worker is a demonic, bi-polar b*tch. That's life in the big city for you, right?

If the 10 minute preview (see above) is any indication of the show's potential, Comedy Central already has me dimebagging. Created by Devin Clark and developed by David M. Stern, Ugly American exhibits an excellent fusion of a Charles Burn comic filled with a Superjail! mentality (no wonder since Augenblick Studios animates both shows). Be sure to catch the Ugly Americans debut next Wednesay, March 17 at 10:30PM.

Also be sure to download the DOI Field Guide, filled with tons of cool art and insane "what if?" scenarios. A must for any household.


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