Head Games: The Evil Dead (1984)

A fast moving graphic game of skill and strategy.

Based on the fright flick of the same name, The Evil Dead was a top-down strategy game set in the same secluded cabin deep in the Tennessee woodlands that pits our hero, Ashley Williams, against the spirits of the evil dead (Deadites) as you try to save your friends Cheryl, Linda, Scott and Shelley from becoming "nasty green mutants."

Now, for a game that was built for the Commodore 64 there's certain exceptions that can be made in regard to graphics and gameplay. Despite this handicap The Evil Dead still does a formidable job of creating a game of human Pong that does require a bit of strategy to survive.

The object (as I understand it) is to prevent the evil spirits from entering the cabin by going around and closing windows as they open. However, when the spirits do manage to sneak in and possess your friends, you are then forced to destroy mutant offspring using the various weapons that appear and vanish on screen (shovel, sword, axe, chainsaw). Doing so will methodically take away life energy, but also earn you points. When enough points have been earned, the Book of the Dead (Necronomicon) will appear and you must throw it into the fireplace and end the curse.

While admittingly not as fun as later installments like Evil Dead: Regeneration, this game did provide (IMO) an honest interpretation of the film and the mechanics behind it. For those interested, a quick Google search offers up several sites online that offer a simulation of the game for PC.


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