(Re)Animations: Madballs (1987)

Freaky fun for everyone.

Just to prove that anything can be animated (though not everything should), I present to you Madballs: The Animated Series. The weak of heart will want to avert their eyes and ears at this time.

At the time of their release Madballs were an effective way to creep out your little sister while proudly declaring to all of your friends that your balls were uglier than theirs... was that just me? Anyway, while limited in their application those crazy heads made for some wicked cool monster designs, granting them more of a collectible status than an actual toy.

Unfortunately, like many of the 80s properties geared towards children, someone in their infinite wisdom (Nelvana) decided that it would be a good idea to turn the morbid munchkins into an animated series. Full of bad, bubble gum humor and a plot as thin as tissue paper, the series only lasted a whopping 2 episodes before being snuffed out by the flames of its own self-combustion. Rest is peace you damn, dirty balls (finally, I get a valid reason to say dirty and balls in the same sentence).


  1. Ha ha! I loved those things. Why can't these huge companies bring something similar back to the shelves? I mean, it's not like we need another Claire's or Spencer's Gifts.

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