(Re)Animations: Toxic Crusaders (1991)

They're gross, but they still get girls!

Perhaps one of Troma's most successful properties (at least in the mainstream), the concept of the Toxic Avenger is as tried and true as Spider-Man himself. If you need proof, simply Google the name and watch as hundreds of listings emerge for fan sites, toys, video games, lunch boxes and more... including this 1991 cartoon series entitled Toxic Crusaders (shown above).

Now, as a series geared towards children, there are understandably some plot points and character designs that required a more appropriate re-imagining, but the heart of the show still has that distinctive Troma tongue-in-cheek humor. Unlike the source material, Toxic Crusaders features a number of freakish outcasts (Major Disaster, Nozone, Junkyard and Headbanger) who are led by the titular Toxie in their environmentally themed battle against Dr. Killemoff, an evil alien bent on spreading smog pollution throughout Tromaville.

The cartoon, while fun, couldn't quite compare to similar movie-to-animation franchises like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Robocop and didn't really peak my interest quite as much as the toys that it spawned. Licensed by the same company that released some of the TMNT figures, Playmates, the Toxic Crusaders action figures were pretty well crafted and came complete with bright neon colors and gimmicky accessories.

Less preachy, and more fun, than its competitor Captain Planet, Toxic Crusaders was a unique show that never really got a chance to pay its dues having only aired 5 of the 13 episodes produced. That being said, I was glad to hear that Troma didn't shovel it away somewhere. Its actually available on DVD as both a movie (featuring the first three episodes) and a Season 1 collection (Episodes 1-4). You can score them both on Troma's official store for only 8 bucks apiece.


  1. 8 bucks?! That's a steal man! Great post. I agree, by the way, about writing some poems and illustrating them like ole Mr. Gorey and Schwartz. Maybe I'll do something like that soon and post it. Hmmmm. Thanks for the motivation!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    My pleasure, Vic. I can totally see you doing short poems like that and posting them or even doing a small, underground book. Hell, I'd buy it.

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