Win All 8 Nightmare on Elm Street Films PLUS a Limited Edition Fright Rags Shirt!

Welcome to the second edition of Strange Kid's Club Gruesome Giveaway! This time we've got a very special contest for you dream demons called What's Your Nightmare?
To celebrate the release of A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) in theaters on Friday, Strange Kids Club has teamed up with the unbelievably creative crew at Fright Rags to give one lucky reader a nightmarishly ghoulish Grand Prize package!

The Grand Prize
One Grand Prize winner will receive the complete Nightmare on Elm Street series on DVD (A Nightmare on Elm Street thru Freddy vs Jason) PLUS an extremely Limited Edition Nightmare on Elm Street T-Shirt courtesy of Fright Rags.

How to Enter

Follow Strange Kids Club (@StrangeKidsClub) and Fright Rags (@frightrags) on Twitter and retweet this post with the hashtag #GrusomeGiveaway

Leave a comment below describing your worst nightmare ever. The most creatively sinister entry wins the Grand Prize. (Be sure to include your Twitter ID with your comment).

A winner will be chosen based on the criteria mentioned above, those that do not follow both steps will be disqualified. Contest ends at midnight this Saturday, May 1st, 2010, Central Time. I’ll announce the winner Monday, May 3rd, 2010. This giveaway is open to residents of U.S. and Canada only, one entry per person. Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for your order to ship.


  1. One night after reading one of those 'Scary Stories to Frighten Your Friends' books (not the exact title, but c'mon, there were a handful of those back in the day) I had this really intense dream in relation to one of the stories I read. The scary story was about this man who wasn't paying attention while he was driving and he 'runs over' this old women pushing a shopping cart. Due to the man's overwhelming speed he couldn't swerve in time to miss the poor geriatric. Well, as he rushes to the old women he arrives to find...nothing? The townsfolk all run over to him asking if he was OK and after he calms down a bit they explain to him that the women he described that his car struck 'died long ago.' Legend has it that the women appears in the same spot she died if a person drives too fast. Fast forward to later that night, the man gets ready for bed and turns off the lights. He awakes in the middle of the night to a noise at the foot of his bed. As his eyes adjust to the darkness he notices a small silhouette standing at the foot of his bed. At this point I slammed the book down and called it quits for the night, for my poor heart couldn't take it anymore. I was scared to death. WELL, it doesn't end there: I too got ready for bed and snuggled down deep within the solace of my bedsheets. I drifted off to sleep and just like the character in the story I woke up to the sound of a noise at the foot of my bed. I opened my eyes slowly, shivering all over trying to peek over the edge of my blankets. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw that same silhouette the man saw standing at the edge of my bed. I threw the covers over my head and just laid there bundled into a ball of exploding nerves. I surely thought I was going to die. I remember hearing my mom opening the bathroom door and feeling relieved and decided to pull the covers down from my face, but when I did I saw that the silhouette had moved in closer to me and before I could hide behind the covers again this old woman's face appeared from the darkness and started screaming at me in this high pitch tone. It was unlike anything I've ever heard before in my life!! I remember waking up after that screaming and soaking with sweat. Turns out it was all a dream. This happened to me in THIRD GRADE and I still remember it like it happened last night. Definitely one of the scariest dreams EVER! Seeing that silhouette moving closer to me from the foot of my bed was just too much!

  1. Morphine said...:

    Ok well this one night I had a really twisted nightmare. Me and my friends were in this warehouse and there was a psycho there too. We got separated and I saw my friends wife die. Well Later on Me, my friend, and another friend were in a room, and i saw his wife walk in (he didn't know she was dead) and before I could say anything he ran up to her and hugged her, and her head fell off. Fucking scary, and I ran. While running I went to a basement type area and apparently someone else had been killed there, but they were laid flat and painted the same gray color as the floor, and I tripped over them. In my dream I screamed but didn't hear anything and ran some more. But the killer caught up to me, I can;t remember who or what it was, just that they were basically ripping me apart starting at my feet, just before they got to my throat I woke up, screaming.

    My name on twitter is BlackMorphine, I retweeted that message but am new to twitter so I hope it still counts.

  1. Rhonny Reaper said...:

    ok well here goes. One night about 6 years ago, I fell asleep and had a dream that had to do with my little brother. He's autistic and when you tell him not to do something, he does it. Well anyways, It was halloween night and we had just gotten home from Trick or Treating and he had a package of Milk Duds in his bag. For some reason, I told him not to eat them. He opens the box and pours them all into his mouth at once and begins to choke. I tired to give him the heimlich maneuver but it doesn't work. He turns blue and dies right in my arms. When I woke up, I was crying, sweating, and I swear to god I saw a blue figure that looked like him standing beside my bed (It was the blueish thing you see when you stare at a light for a long time then look away, only it was shaped like my brother). I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to his room to find him sleeping peacefully. For the mext two nights I had dreams of him dying in different ways, one he got his neck rapped in a fan cord and the other he was found in a lake. All of this happened after I watched the Nightmare on Elm street movies before going to bed the night of the first dream. I think its because I'm very protective of my brother and to this very day, I won't let him eat Milk Duds.

    my twitter name is @DollarBinHorror

  1. Anonymous said...:

    i don't remember the nightmare. i think i may have mentally blocked it out since it was too frightening to put into words. it involved being in a place completely other-worldly with scenes and places around that can only be described as a ghost town that had been recently splattered with fresh blood, only there were no bodies, but something as there and you could feel it watching you.
    i began to run only to find that fromnowhere the clouds rolled forward the blackest that you have ever seen. as if a veil were being pulled across the sky and then there was the sound of the an engine. a large engine, akin to a muscle car or a '57 mustang. headlights broke through the darkness and the blood began to drip from the walls and the vehicle began screeching straight toward me. i ran. i dodged and began to make a get-away only to find an all too tall fence blocking my path. it was slick with blood and there was no climbing it. the car came faster and closer and i knew this was it. it suddenly swerved next to me, back wheels peeling out and kicking a cloud of dust, and out of the car window suddenly a very hefty, smiling, stocky southern man with a heavy accent leaned out and said " hey howdy! hey what are you doin'?!" and i woke up screaming.
    did i mention this happened when i fell asleep with skinny puppy's 12 inch anthology in my mp3 player blairing in my ears?


  1. Shanna said...:

    So weird, but it was actually about Freddy Kreuger. When my brother and I were children, he was Freddy for Halloween. He kept his Freddy mask on top of his dresser. Well, we shared a room, and I dreamt that someone kept tapping on our window. Tap Tap.. Tap Tap.. I pull back the blinds, and there is Freddy. I look at my brother, he is sleeping, and the mask on his dresser was gone. All I remember was Freddy coming through the wedding.. and me waking up in bed.. yeah.. I had peed myself. LOL.
    To this day, I am terrified of Freddy

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