WWF Superstars Ice Cream Bars

A great taste worth fighting for.

When I was young, watching wrestling completed the trifecta of pubescent enjoyment that included playing Super Mario 2 on Nintendo (NES) and ad-libbing epic action figure battles with my TMNT collection. I mean, I ate it up... literally.

There was definitely plenty of merchandise available to feed my adolescent addiction, from a subscription-based WWF Magazine that spotlighted personal favorites like Ultimate Warrior and Randy "Macho Man" Savage to a bonafide SuperSlam! Wrestling Ring complete with Paul Bearer action figure. However, the "cream" of the crop would have to be the official WWF Superstar Ice Cream Bars.

Without a doubt, these delectable doses of wrestling goodness had little competition on a hot summer's day around the ice cream truck (with special exception perhaps to Super Mario Ice Cream Bar). You see, not only did each bar feature a different WWF Superstar overlaid on delicious layers of vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate and a crunchy cookie crust, but they also came with an exclusive trading card! It's a shame they don't have more of these gimmicky promos nowadays. Call me crazy, but I'd take a vintage Junkyard Dog bar over yet another well-endowed Diva any day.


  1. Ghoul Friday said...:

    You and I were watching wrestling at the same time. I had a Ricky the Dragon Steamboat poster on my wall. I had many figures and the ring. My mother - bless her - would line up at 6 am so we could have front row tickets to the matches whenever they came to town.

    The one thing we never had was the ice cream bars. They didn't sell them in Canada. Sure we had the ADVERTISEMENT for them, but never the product.

    Somewhere in the house is the WWF superstars record...with such classics as Classy Freddie Blassy (sp) singing "Pencil neck geek".

    Great, now I get to walk around with "Captain Lou, Captain Lou Albaaaaano" stuck in my head all day. Thanks.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Those were the days, weren't they? My personal favorites included Jimmy "Supafly" Snuka and the Legion of Doom. There's sooo many more classic characters to mention.

    That really sucks about not selling the ice cream bars in Canada. I never saw them in the stores here in the US either, only place I could score one as a kid were from those nomadic ice cream truck vendors.

    Glad I could bring back some memories... even if they are of Captain Lou, haha.

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