Get Ready for Hell on Earth with a New Animated Series

It's The Burbs meets The Simpsons featuring The Addams Family.

How's that for a hook (mother did always say I was talented, ha)? Coming June 7 from TV juggernaut TBS Neighbors from Hell is a new animated sitcom from the some of the same creative minds behind the aforementioned Simpsons and Family Guy.

The premise is fairly simple, focusing on a family of demons who are sent to Earth by the Devil himself to prevent a giant corporation named Petromundo from digging a hole that would bust Hell wide open. Of course there's bound to be plenty of zany misadventures as the "Hellmans" adjust to life on Earth and learn just how insanely warped humanity can be.

The series seems to have promise with several well-known (and more importantly funny) actors and actresses lending their vocal talents to the characters including Patton Oswalt (King of Queens, The Sarah Silverman Show), Saturday Night Live's Molly Shannon and MADtv's Will Sasso. Steve Coogan also looks to be offering up stellar work as the voice of none other than Satan.

As mentioned above the show doesn't air until June 7, but if you need something to satisfy your animated horror/comedy fix until then, be sure to check out the official Neighbors from Hell website for games, puzzles and cool behind-the-scene footage.


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