Hail to the King, Baby

Ok, so this title might imply to some only what I wish was true (a new Evil Dead game). Unfortunately that's not the case, but the truth is almost just as awesome. It's a new game being developed by indie developers Shortfuse Entertainment called Hail to the King (aka Alive and Undead). Despite not having a concrete release date (they're currently pitching the game to studios), the initial launch trailer looks pretty freakin' wicked!

I can only imagine if they pull this off right it being a clever mash-up of Bruce Campbell in Bubba Ho-tep meets 3000 Miles to Graceland with hordes of undead minions thrown in for good measure. Here's a snippet from press release back in late 2009:
Alive and Undead takes the form of a classic, side-scrolling, 2-player brawler. Choose from two charismatic characters: Mr. Smith, an Elvis impersonator who has suffered the misfortune of being turned into a vampire, or Welson, a femme-fatale witch hunter. Though his unquenchable vampire bloodlust, Mr. Smith has killed his entire family. In order to avenge his family and free himself from the curse of vampirism, he solicits the help of Welson. Together the unlikely heroes use an over-the-top arsenal to battle hoards of undead and other frightful creatures on a fantastically violent quest to destroy the one responsible for Mr. Smith’s calamitous, blood-sucking condition.

Alive and Undead is cocky, uncensored, brutal and kick-ass. It delivers the classic formula of the side-scrolling brawler and improves on it by incorporating modern mechanics like the ability to juggle enemies in the air, as well as a variety of explosive and devastating co-op attacks.
For more information about Shortfuse Games and Alive & Undead, please visit www.shortfuse.se .


  1. Looks awesome! What a great concept!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I hope they can find a studio to finance it or at least get it going on XBOX Live. Looks like such a great game.

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