Mega Man fan film is Mega Awesome!

Continuing with Geek Week here at the clubhouse, we have found a particularly fun fan flick by indie director Eddie Lebron. A surprisingly slick affair despite being a fan film, Lebron's Mega Man is a labor of love based on the popular video game of the same name.

While the acting is admittingly amateurish, often times jarringly uneven, the over-the-top approach to the script helps ease the overall experience and draw you back into the craziness on screen. Is clear that its a game geeks paradise with 3D renderings of the Mega Man universe that have been carefully crafted to add depth to the film. That said, it still looks like an unfinished Hollywood release meant to show tinsel town what's could be possible with a little love and a lot of dedication. While the film is far from perfect, it should be a guilty geek pleasure for any fan of Mega Man or video games in general.

The full film is available above courtesy of Lebron and ScrewAttack.


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