Printed Perversions: The Veil (2009)

Its the return of Printed Perversions, a column dedicated to the creepy cool comics both past and present. This time around we've got The Veil by El Torres and Gabriel Hernandez that came out in 2009 from IDW.

Collected in a trade paperback, this 4-issue series follows "Chris Luna, a cheap private eye with a client list of the dearly departed." You see Chris has the ability to see and speak with the dead, a handy skill when investigating a murder, but a bit pesty when you're trying to get some shut eye. The story picks up as Chris is having nightmares of a demon she dubs The Slug Man.

Growing restless of her life in the big city (and needing money for things like rent and food), Chris quickly finds herself drawn back to her hometown of Crooksville, Maine to settle some unfinished business with a house she's inherited from her Aunt Emma and perhaps make a few buck while doing so. Things rarely go as planned, though, as Chris is swept up in plague of madness that seems to be affecting the residents of Crooksville. Dead ghosts, Twin Peaks absurdity and bloody carnage ensue.

The ending, while not altogether predictable, feels a little anti-climatic but is well crafted and resolves the story rather nicely. As a whole, it reads much like an illustrated crime novel sprinkled with paranormal elements which come off rather convincingly thanks to Torres small town setting and Hernandez's gritty visual style and appropriately tortured depiction of the spooks and Slug Man.


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