Saturday Night's Main Event #4

Legion of Doom & Big Boss Man vs Natural Disasters & IRS

A three-on-three elimination match billed for 1991's Survivor Series, this match involved a number of powerhouses including the Big Boss Man (now a "babyface" or good guy) alongside the Road Warriors Hawk and Animal versus Earthquake and Typhoon (known collectively as the Natural Disasters) and the tax man I.R.S.

The Legion of Doom (my all-time favorite tag team) were the tag team champions at the time and had just kick-started a feud with the Natural Disasters thanks to their intervention in a previous match with the Bushwackers (at which an injured Andre the Giant stood ringside). This match serves as the Natural Disasters' (led here by "mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart) first big shot as the championship and revenge.

Can the two ton titans and their crafty cohort defeat the tag team champs for the 1-2-3? In the words of legendary commentator Jim Ross, this one's going to be a "slobber-knocker!"


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