Trailer Terrors: Old Scratch

Time to break out the vinyl records and Ouija boards.

It appears that my all-time favorite director, Robert Hall (Lightning Bug, Laid the Rest) has released a teaser trailer to his next film entitled Old Scratch and boy does it look grand (Grand-Guignol that is).

Produced by Hall's Dry County Entertainment imprint with effects by Almost Human FX, Old Scratch follows an Atlanta-based musician named Neven who has lost his way and, in attempt to escape his past, inadvertently unleashes a the forces of evil. The hook relies on the time-tested urban legend of playing a record backwards as a way to hear subliminal messages, much as Trick or Treat (1986) or The Gate (1987).

Hall has been one of many upcoming directors whose consistently released grade A horror films without regard to remakes, re-imaginings or ratings. I've been a huge fan of his work ever since being turned on to Lightning Bug by a good friend and loyal reader, and fellow artist (@victorandboris) in college back in 2009. Been a fan ever since and with Hall's impressive background in special effects and collaborators such as Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser, Lightning Bug) and Kevin Gage (Lightning Bug, Laid to Rest) its little wonder why. BTW... is that Rob Schneider I saw as a radio DJ?


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