Head Games: Whiplash (2003)

One crazy weasel. One unbreakable bunny. With one problem... they're chained together.

Not since Laurel and Hardy Abbott and Costello Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton has there been a pair of off-kilter bipeds whose sole purpose is to spread panic and mayhem amongst mankind.

Forged in the same absurdist vein as Conker's Bad Fur Day or Crash Bandicoot, Eidos Interactive's Whiplash is a frantically paced action adventure game that features Spanx (weasel) and Redmond (rabbit); two lab animals who have gone rogue and are bent of bringing down "The Man." The Man in this case is evil corporation Genron, whose twisted and generally nasty experiments on animals have brought this unlikely duo together under a common goal: destroy everything.

More or less forced to work with one another thanks to some sort of unbreakable alloy chain that binds them, the two "heroes" embark on a mission of high stakes slapstick that is more Looney Tunes than Animal Farm. Upon their escape, the player learns to utilize Spanx and Remond in the most sadistically entertaining of ways... most of which involve Spanx mashing, smashing and bludgeoning Redmond into a variety of dangerous situations. But don't worry PETA animal on animal violence is natural... right?


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