(Re)Animations: Street Sharks

When talking about animated mutant offspring, its hard to not make comparisons to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and DIC's Street Sharks is no exception. This stuff is really made with merchandising in mind; the villain has his own logo, henchmen uniforms and battle attack helicopter not to mention the Sharks themselves who offer up a consistently tongue-in-cheek one-liner every 5 minutes and special fighting moves.

Its still a fun way to kill 30 minutes on a Saturday morning, but there are sooo many holes in the plot that its hard not to criticize the show a little for its lack of depth. If they had taken the time to explain these things a bit more they might not be so glaringly apparent, but really... who jogs by a nuclear power plant at night anyway? And is it just me or did the main characters take being transformed into hideous, mutant sharks a little too well? They seem like bright enough boys, but come on, growing fins, gills and rows of razor sharp teeth? That has to hurt like hell.

Its as if the writers didn't really even care beyond throwing around a few puns and hip slang to make them look cool enough for adolescent boys to buy into the toyline. Speaking of which, Mattel did a decent job of cashing in with a handful of action figures and obligatory attack vehicles ("real" shooting missles et al). The packaging was the coolest part to me as it referenced the old Boglins box complete with plastic bars to keep the "ferocious awesomeness" contained.

Unquestionably the best figure in the series had to be Moby Lick (see insert) who came complete with Gene Simmons tongue lashing action and water blasting blow hole! His catchphrase? "I'll blow you away"... I kid you not. Obviously this tongue had a long, hard road ahead.


  1. ZedWord said...:

    I don't know. I remember there being a giant lobster henchman. I think we was the best. I liked him so much I just lumped him in with my old Ninja Turtles.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    The lobster was pretty cool. There was also a squid I think, he had four arms, and that was pretty sweet as well. The one thing that I did like about the Street Sharks figures versus TMNT was that they were a tad bit larger.

  1. Belle Dee said...:

    I used to laugh about that Moby Lick every time I would see it in a store!

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