Trailer Terrors: The Chilling (1989)

Would God approve, or is this Satan's work?

Its movies like The Chilling (1989) that remind me why relying on kick-ass cover art and genre casting t select a Friday Night fright can result in a sour aftertaste that's worse than a sack of Warheads candy stuffed inside the belly of a Wampa. Definitely Satan's work.

Despite a "re-envisioned" cover for its DVD release, The Chilling manages to retain most of its silly-putty zombie aesthetic from the VHS cover artwork (albeit with some unnecessary Photoshop editing). Like many of the other schlock films that used to tease you from the video store aisles, The Chilling is all about (modestly) cool effects with little to no plot, acting ability or budget. Even its horror headlining lady, Linda Blair, delivers a performance that seems as if it came straight out of Troll 2's deleted scenes.

Okay, so perhaps that's a little harsh, but its not far from the truth either. Actually, the only redeeming value offered during the film's roughly 92 minute run time is the zombie makeup effects. Taking the seemingly subdued leftovers from Return of the Living Dead meets The Re-Animator, The Chilling unfortunately depends too heavily on its lukewarm "crynoids." In the end, its just another forgotten horror that got freezer burn before it could fully thaw.


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