Trailer Terrors: Rockula (1990)

He's a vampire who hasn't scored in 400 years. Tonight's the night!

As long as I can remember, I've had a thing for vampires. And sometimes, it would be for that rare breed of good guy vampire (like Edward Cullen or Louis) who were more for protecting the ladies who were near and dear to them. One such was a film from the early '90s called Rockula, a film I recall seeing on cable a long time ago and ended up loving it. Oh, and it's a musical. :)

The story is about Ralph LaVie (Dean Cameron, Summer School), who isn't much of a vampire. For one thing, while most vampires can't survive in sunlight, he can walk around (no, he doesn't sparkle) and he can see his reflection. Boy, is it sarcastic. Plus, his mom (Toni Basil of Hey Mickey fame) is a little too reluctant to let him leave the nest. You see, back in the 18th century, Ralph lost his beloved girlfriend Mona on Halloween after she was killed by a pirate with a rhinestone pegleg. With a hambone. And every 22 years, Mona is re-incarnated... only to be killed in the same bizarre way. This time, however, Ralph's determined to save her and live as a proper vampire again.

But this time, Mona (Tawny Fere) is a pop singer, and it inspires Ralph to get his friends (including blues legend Bo Diddley) together to form a band to get him close to her. Things WOULD be great, except Mona has this weird boyfriend named Stanley (Thomas "SCIENCE!" Dolby) who's WAY too into his job as a mortician and he's quite sure this Ralph fellow is a vampire...

The movie is a perfect example of how OTT (over-the-top) the early '90s were, with the LA club scene and the music video sequences throughout... though there are some weird bits that are just too good NOT to giggle at (Bo Diddley dressed like Flava Flav). Sadly, MGM (who owns the library of Cannon films) hasn't put this out on DVD! You can, however, totally check out the entire film on YouTube.

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  1. ZedWord said...:

    Oh my. I'm going to have to review this now. The 80's hair compels me.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Haha, yeah, I have to really thank Joanna for bringing this one to the attention of the clubhouse. Its a pretty funny film is you like "Once Bitten" or "My Best is a Vampire."

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