Gamer Blips: Dead Rising... The Movie?

Apparently this one flew completely under my radar, but there seems to be a Dead Rising film in the works (since at least early January) according to gaming mega-news site Kotaku.

For those of you who are unaware, Dead Rising is an addictive zombie free-for-all first released in August of 2006 to much acclaim for horror fans looking for an excuse to use anything at arms reach to kill some freakin' zombies. Set in a mall, much like George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, players could literally use just about anything in their immediate as a weapon to dispatch the seemingly endless undead hordes that the game served up. This ranged from plastic light sabers to bar stools and even a giant LEGO heads... yeah.

The game proved so successful that it garnered several industry awards and has spawned a sequel, Dead Rising 2, that's due to be released later this year in September. Which brings us back to the film, directed by Dead Rising designer (and creator of Mega-Man) Keiji Inafune. The trailer (see above) was first released at the beginning of 2010 and reveals a completely different cast than the game, yet equally insane hack 'n slash action (did you SEE that wheelchair?!).

According to Kotaku, the film is supposed to be released via the XBOX Live somtime this year, and though I couldn't find a set release date they have released an "okay" poster featuring a lumbering zombie nurse (those seem to be as popular as PB&J these days) and a post-apocalyptic cityscape. Based on the trailer (no, I have no idea what they're saying either) this may be one that I see for the crazy action and inventive kills alone.


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