Shadow Society Memberships and Movie Secrets Exposed

Its been touch and go here at the clubhouse recently, and for that I apologize, but things are finally starting to get back on track now that "the move" is behind us and there are actually quite a few things that I've been wanting to share.

Top on that list is the announcement that Strange Kid's Club has been formally inducted into not one but TWO esteemed online blogging associations, the first being LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs) and second is The League of Tana Tea Drinkers. Both groups are great advocates of blogging excellence and to be considered among their ranks is a true honor. Be sure to offer up a few minutes to check them out as I'm sure you'll find a few new bookmarks for your browser.

Next is the awesomeness being served up over at (appropriately enough) Paxton's Cavalcade of Awesome in celebration of Back to the Future's 25th Anniversary. Indeed, Paxton is cranking out the oldies with flashbacks to Souvenir Magazine and even some deleted scenes such as this photo of a young Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. Way cool.


  1. Geof said...:

    Good stuff, SK! I recently was inducted into LAMB which truly has the creme de la creme of bloggers...or however you say that line. Haha

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Thanks, Geof, and congrats on your induction as well. LAMB seems to be a very good place for all sorts of bloggers to meet one another and discuss their favorite films.

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