Geek Shreik: 'Deliver Me to Hell'

Hell Pizza cooks up an "interactive zombie movie adventure."

For those of you who can remember, this isn't the first time that the New Zealand-based Hell Pizza has appeared here at the clubhouse. Back towards the beginning of the year, we featured another controversial campaign that starred such late, great pop culture as Edmund Hillary, Heath Ledger and the Queen Mother dancing to a Thriller-esque score for Halloween.

Now, it seems that Hell Pizza is gaining recognition for another viral ad entitled Deliver Me to Hell, a Choose Your Own Adventure style game that uses You-Tube's annotations to allow viewers/players to help Steve (the delivery man) navigate his way across the city without falling victim to zombies. Sounds like fun, right?

Well it is... mostly. Full of the cheesy dialogue and mediocre acting that you'd expect from a Sci-Fi SyFy Saturday matinee, Deliver Me to Hell is written/directed by Logan McMillan and produced by video agency littlesisterfilms. Despite its minor shortcomings, have to commend Hell Pizza for this entertainingly funny approach to advertising (yet again). Besides, all similarities to Twix's Need a Moment campaign, its a great way to kill 15 minutes plus it has zombies... and pizza.


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