Geek Shriek: Scooby-Doo meets Jason Voorhees

Jinkies!! The Mystery Gang gets slaughtered at Camp Crystal Lake.

When the Scooby-Doo and his crew roll into Camp Crystal Lake, there's sure to be trouble afoot... and one pissed off, mask-wearing goalie. I'm not sure how this one slipped by me, but after having seen it for the first time today I thought it was pretty damned funny. Leave it up to the warped, adolescent minds over at Robot Chicken/Adult Swim to cook up a treat like this.

It's short, but of so rewarding for fans of either franchise. Best of all? Velma gets down and dirty with Old Man Phillips. As a bonus, check out another Scooby-Doo/Crystal Lake mashup by Mad World Designs after the bump.


  1. Jay Amabile said...:

    Two awesome F13/Scooby Doo mashups. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see an actual Scooby Doo made for DVD movie where they meet either Robert Englund's Freddy or F13's Jason. That would be so frigging awesome.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Jay: Not that would certainly be something I'd pay to see. I imagine that if it was played straight it might be along the lines of Hack/Slash which is fine by me. 'Sides... I've always wanted to see Freddy bleed (just a little). Ha!

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