The Happy Undertaker comes to the Clubhouse!

Strange Kids Club is proud to announce a new contributor to the clubhouse: Drazen Kozjan!

Kozjan is perhaps best known for his wonderful penny dreadful creation, The Happy Undertaker which he has agreed to create a series of exclusive comic strips for that will premiere first here at Strange Kids Club on Fridays.

The Happy Undertaker is a "surrealistic melting pot of anything that might pop into my head and onto the page and does not necessarily need to be explained," says Kozjan. "I try to keep this sense of adventure, surprise and a good (if mysterious) story, with the best drawings I can muster in all my work from children's book illustration to single image."

Past strips have also appeared in the pages of Carousel Magazine. For more information on The Happy Undertaker or its creator, Drazen Kozjan, be sure to check out the official Happy Undertaker Blog in addition to his his personal blog, Hypnotik Eye.

Artwork © Drazen Kozjan


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow, awesome. Welcome Drazen!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Thanks, James! I'm really excited that Drazen agreed to become a contributor in addition to being able to offer the clubhouse a variety of new content.

  1. Belle Dee said...:

    Wonderful news! I'm looking forward to his contributions.
    I love his art style!

  1. Karswell said...:

    Drazen's amazin'!

  1. Drazen said...:

    Thanks everyone!

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    Wow, looks like we've got a few new faces popping up, that's great! I hope you stick around and check out all of the other freaky, geeky features Strange Kids Club has to offer as well.

    Drazen is certainly one hell of a talented artist and I am very thankful to him for agreeing to contribute for as long as his pen nib (and sanity) can hold out. And thanks again to all of you for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!!

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