Head Games Preview: NeverDead

50% Devil May Cry. 50% Katamari Damacy. 100% Awesome.

Announced earlier this summer at E3, NeverDead is a title being developed by Rebellion Studios (Aliens vs Predator: The Video Game) in conjunction with Konami (home of the Metal Gear franchise) that no one really knows too much about. Even with the premiere of a new trailer at GamesCon this past week, specific details on the gameplay dynamics or storyline is still very much under wraps.

What little has been revealed seems to indicate the the game takes place in a post-apocalyptic France and features a seemingly immortal protagonist, Bryce, who is able to reattach severed limbs in a way most similar to a katamari ball. Accompanied by a straight-laced (yet sexy) partner, Bryce's wicked sense of humor seems to be well balanced. Honestly, it looks pretty freaking cool and I kinda like the advantage of not having to restart a game because I'm dead. It does, however, beg the question if such a mechanic could lessen the sense of excitement but with monsters the size of bulldozers running around I'm sure it equals out.

Unfortunately, NeverDead seems to only be slated for release on the PS3 (curse you exclusivity agreements!!), but let's hope that it's just a soft opening with the XBOX receiving some well-deserved love thereafter. No official release date has been set.


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