Saturday Night's Main Event #10

Doink the Clown vs Mr. Perfect

I have to admit that I've been on a bit of a Doink the Clown kick ever since Jon D. Guerra made a comment about a recent match he has seen. The match didn't even involve Doink, but for whatever reason it made me think back on the character's heyday and just how effective of a heel he turned out to be. Of course, being a clown it's not too difficult to be scary, but Doink always managed to channel just the right bit of Bozo and Pennywise to make himself both entertaining and terrifying.

After some internet snooping, I found this bout between the aforementioned circus runaway and Mr. Perfect, himself a pretty consistent heel. Portrayed here by the original performer, Matt Osborne, Doink has perhaps always been one of the most underrated personas in the WWF WWE. Fortunately, Doink seems to be at the top of his top of his game here on Monday Night Raw with an arsenal of dirty tricks that truly proves just how dastardly effective "evil" Doink was before the character was "re-purposed" to be used solely for laughs (midget et al).


  1. Paxton said...:

    Oh my GOD! Doink the Clown! What a ridiculous character. I had completely forgotten about him.


  1. Strange Kid said...:

    I definitely remember him better back when he was evil. The "good" Doink was really more of a joke whose hard to take seriously... or at least more serious than your average wrestler.

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