Animator Ken Turner's ode to Burton's "Vincent"

After a quick peek at the portfolio of artist, Ken Turner, it's clear that the man is definitely been influenced by Tim Burton. Perhaps this source of inspiration in none more evident than in his latest project, a short film entitled Tim which harkens back to one of Burton's earliest films (Vincent).

Casting young Timothy Graves in the title role, the film portrays Tim as a misunderstood boy not that much different from Vincent Malloy. However, whereas Vincent pined to be like his idol Vincent Price (who also narrated the tale), Tim yearns to be like his idol- Tim Burton. Well animated, directed and scored, Tim is a touching short that packs just as much heart as its predecessor, though with a little less of the macabre.

Apparently, Ken is also one of the artists who worked on the recent Comedy Central animation Ugly Americans (which is freaking awesome, btw)! Let's hope that the higher-ups are smart enough to renew the show for another season before moving back to racial commentary and fart jokes so we can see even more phenomenal work.

[via Cartoon Brew]

Ken Turner's Portfolio | Ken's Blog


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