Geek Shriek: Brain Dead (2008)

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Perhaps it's a bit of the "nostalgia factor" getting me juiced for this October's Night of the Demons remake on DVD (Oct.19), but after seeing this teaser trailer for one of original Night of the Demons director's (Kevin Tenney) more recent schlock-fests, Brain Dead, I'm more than a little excited to get my hands on it when it's also released on DVD in October (Oct. 5).

Originally released back in 2007, Brain Dead's plot is a throwback to what I can only describe as The Deadly Spawn meets Evil Dead with
six people caught in the unusual (except in horror films) predicament of being stranded in a deserted fishing lodge with a host of alien-infected, mutant amoeba-controlled zombies at their doorstep.
The splatter effects on the teaser alone are enough to peak my interest, though its important to note that (IMO) Tenney's films have never been popular due to their threadbare plots or poor dialogue. To his credit, Tenney has never let things like that hold him down and Brain Dead looks just as entertainingly mindless as its title makes it sound. The only question that remains is whether or not this indie gore whore is worth the $24.99 toe tag.

[via Bloody-Disgusting]


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