Geek Shriek: Hatchet II Red Band Trailer [NSFW]!

So it would seem that the new trend in horror films is to be gorier and more "uncensored" than the last. How any film could possibly be any more risque within a theatrical venue than director Alexandre Aja's latest Piranha remake is beyond me, but if there is one film that has a chance it would be Hatchet II.

Having proven himself both fan of the genre as well as an competent filmmaker, Adam Green possess all the necessary grit and vinegar to bring movie audiences one hell of a blood-splattered thrill ride and this first red band trailer does little to shake my confidence. Touching on all the right pressure points, Hatchet II seems to be exactly the kind of horror genre throwback that fans have been clamoring for without the need to remake the boogeymen of our childhood nightmares so that the overly glossy teen market can be offered admittance. Granted, they're sure to sneak in anyway but at least when they get there, in the darkness of the theater, they'll know what nightmares await them in their sleep.

[via Bloody-Disgusting]


  1. Geof said...:

    I cannot f'n wait to see this, R! Watching this trailer just makes the waiting worse.

  1. Strange Kid said...:

    @Geof: Doesn't it, though? Man between this, The Walking Dead, Splatterhouse, Night of the Demons remake, House of the Wolfman... October is going to be mind-blowingly kick-ass!

  1. Geof said...:

    Yeah this Halloween season is going to kick more ass than usual. I ma even going to travel to more haunted attractions than I usually go to. Between that, films, Splatterhouse, and Walking Dead, my weekends are going to be booked solid.

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