Geek Shriek: Romero De-Constructed

Kick-ass artist and clubhouse contributor (Granny Grimm's Ghoulish Book of Grammar) recently had an article go up over at design hub, VectorTuts+ that breaks down his rather incredible logo treatment for friend and fellow blogger Johnny Boots' epic Romero Week blogathon back this past May.

In the article, Nik breaks down his process for creating the logo step-by-step so you can either follow along or... make one of your very own! Unfortunately, it seems that the source files are available to members of the site only. Still, it's pretty cool to see "behind the curtain" at how he crafted such an appropriately gruesome homage to both Romero and zombie films in general. I also enjoyed how the logo evolved as the event progressed, so I've included a snapshot of the "before" and "after" logos to show how it changed.


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